Morrison Plaza

Portland, Oregon

Morrison Place, located in the heart of Portland's historic Buckman Neighborhood, is the redevelopment of a former mid-century warehouse into neighborhood retail shops. Inspired by the potential for this neglected neighborhood commercial zone to re-emerge as a community gathering place, the design team concentrated on four primary goals: craft a design that seamlessly fits into the neighborhood fabric, provide a pedestrian friendly urban shopping environment, implement sustainable design concepts and lease the building to small local businesses.

The design solution enhances the urban shopping experience by providing three pedestrian access points from the perimeter streets; each connected to an uncommonly wide sidewalk that parallels the buildings 15' high glass storefront and links two sun-filled plazas. Building elements common to the area are reflected in the design with industrial steel canopies, dormers and painted stucco wall surfaces.

Sustainable design concepts were implemented to minimize the impact on the environment. Hard surface areas were significantly reduced and replaced with drought resistant landscaping. These additional landscaped areas reduced the storm water runoff by 75%.

Other sustainable elements in the project include a LEED approved a single -ply roof system, wall and roof insulation, steel canopies that shade the glass storefronts and water saving plumbing fixtures.

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