West Powellhurst Elementary School

Portland, Oregon

Design Citation Award
A.I.A. Portland Chapter

Design Honor Award
A.I.A. Northwest Region

West Powellhurst Elementary School is a 1950's school that was not ADA accessible to the front door. Also, the administrative space was inadequate for modern requirements. The project included a new entry and office space.

Relocation of the front provides ADA access. A sweeping steel canopy anchored to the building and curved masonry wall provides shelter for students, while they wait for busses. Layered spaces develop a sequential entry process.

The exposed steel canopy frame provides a lesson in how buildings are constructed. Brightly painted connectors and exposed bolts focus on the main elements. The supports provide a lesson in joinery of steel and concrete as well as showing how a tree grate can be used as a bench. Primary colors were used to relate to the young children.

This project received both local and regional awards from the American Institute of Architects.

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