David Douglas High School New Classroom Building

Portland, Oregon

2008 National School Boards Association
National Convention Exhibit

After reviewing several site options, the new 29,200 s.f. classroom building was located adjacent to the main high school building because of the academic links. Also, by positioning the new two-story classroom building next to the larger massing of the existing gymnasium, we are able to visually "scale-down" its size.

Making a seamless connection to the existing building was a primary goal. Points of entry are located on existing connecting paths. The covered walk connects one of the main building lobbies and the lobby of the addition. Also, a new exterior plaza was created as a transitional space for those entering the buildings or those passing through to the tennis courts and athletic fields beyond.

Each point of entry is highlighted by a change in form and material. The north and south entry points are composed of steel louvers & glass boxes while the east and west entries are towers that are expressed with a combination of corrugated metal siding and extruded rectangular forms. These forms are elements that provide relief the brick façade.

The palate of materials was already established on recent work for the high school. The main roof form is a shed, with the low point on the east side to responds to the adjacent residential development. Brick, punctuated with classroom window openings and attached sun screens, constitutes the main body of the building. Just above the brick, the wall plane steps back two feet in order to create a clear distinction between roof plane and the brick wall.

Steel louvers and sunscreens are used as a means to control building heat gain. Operable windows allow for natural ventilation while HVAC economizer cycles provide passive cooling. This project was developed to LEED standards using sustainable materials and principles in the final design.

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